New Method Inspired by Our Value Customer

New Method Inspired by Our Value Customer

These design are the 2nd batch launch of our product.

We are still very new working on breastmilk jewelries since we started the launch to public on August 2016. We are lucky to get ourselves link to the media in newspapers and we started to get more sales after the media interview.

Then we got a feedback from a customer who order a few breastmilk rings from us. Our initial design was attaching the ready made breastmilk stone on to the ring and we were comfortable with the method we used as the original steps we learnt from goldsmith, we always attach the stones on to the parts. 

This customer suggest we should change the method we were using initially as she feel insecure when we attached the stone on it. We should make the stone with the part as in one piece. We really appreciate with the idea come from her and we got a very good result after testing. 

We know sometimes we only work on our own perception and we understand that we only can improve when we accept other opinion. If we were only take our own opinion into account, we will not have so much way to improve our skill.