Passion in Breastmilk Jewelry Making

Passion in Breastmilk Jewelry Making

It's always a story how we come out with every new design and products in Woodie Pie breastmilk jewelry series. 

We set up Woodie Pie initially for Soap Making and Workshops and we accidentally found out the combination of our craft material to a new recipe for our breastmilk stone when we received a special order in beginning of year 2016.

We received one order on breastmilk handmade soap with a special request, the husband requested whether can make any keepsake to keep his wife breastfeeding memory. I completely understand if I could keep one for myself then I could be able to keep my own memory too. I breastfed both of my daughters for continuously more than 5 years and I always wanted to have something can be shared between generation.

Breastmilk jewelry would be the one. Jewelry is often carrying a good, interesting and meaningful story. If I could turn my breastmilk into a breastmilk stone then I can commemorate my breastfeeding journey, a statement of love or gratitude.

Women always went out to an important occasion with earrings or bracelet. When your memory is kept in either pendant, earring or bracelet, your children would be the next person in line can be so fortunate to have it passed along, it comes with all the memories from you as a mother. It could make a child proud to wear such a symbolic item many years later.

Are you having the same thought as I did? We got obsessed working with new designs on breastmilk jewelry and our team are happy to share the outcome with you from time to time.