Trinity Breastmilk Ring for Mother, Baby and Love

Trinity Breastmilk Ring for Mother, Baby and Love

Naming things is hard. The right name will anchor a product in our customer's minds and create a personality for each of our DNA keepsakes and breastmilk jewellery.

Cassandra and I named most of our products. We had this photo ready to launch for quite some time and we did not have the idea to name it. This ring was chosen when I inspired by the HIT series “Game of Throne”.

We spent hours brainstorming, looking at words, filtering through dictionaries, making up words, combining words, making acronyms and on and on.

We did mention in CITYPlus Sarawak FM92.5’s video on looking for new names for few products until we finally settled one of it when we met Jac Jossica Lu in our breastmilk jewelries meet up last week. She named it “Trinity”. 🤩

Cassandra and I suddenly felt that is the right name for this ring. 💡 We decided to name it “Trinity Breastmilk Ring” inspired by Jac Jossica Lu and we will offer a special price for her friends on this ring as appreciation to her.

That was it. We now had a cool name. Do attend to our meet up. You might be another person who inspired us on our new products.🥰

Product Link: Trinity Ring

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