Woodie Pie IDEA HAS BEEN STOLEN!! repost

Woodie Pie IDEA HAS BEEN STOLEN!! repost

Repost from facebook page:

We have become a victim in plagiarism, 'someone' (just named it as 'PLAGIARIST') is stealing our ideas and make it available as his/her own ideas.

This has came to our attention when one of our partner was stunned when she saw the PLAGIARIST's facebook page pop-up. The PLAGIARIST started the business in November 2016. (Woodie Pie started selling breast milk jewelries in August 2016).

We feel sad when we came across that our ideas have been stolen, our breast milk jewelries designs, way of photo shooting the products, way of promoting the products were imitated by the PLAGIARIST. Can you try to imagine when you spent all your resources for your business on R&D, advertisements, promotion ideas, photo shootings and etc. and yet they were being stolen?

We do not mind to share our information, ever since we were interviewed by local newspapers, we are keen to share what we know to the public. We are also preparing workshops which are open to public in order to share more information on handmade jewelries.

We approached the PLAGIARIST in January 2017 on this matter, the PLAGIARIST denied and claimed that it was an coincidence and make no effort in correcting this irresponsible behavior.

Why we decided to declare this matter now since it happened months ago?

Here are the reasons:

1. We received messages from customers and potential customers asking whether we have other subsidiary working on the same breast milk jewelry design? The answer is NO. We are also doubting the quality of the breastmilk jewelries made by this PLAGIARIST.

Woodie Pie invests in machines and equipments to for good quality products, so our products are definitely different with those selling by the PLAGIARIST .

2. We had discussed with her when we found out in January 2017 and she promised not to do so in the future. Yet, we found she is plagiarize again. (The latest post was in April 2017, please go through the photos)

3. We got our trademark approved now and we believe we reserved the rights to take any legal action when we need to.

4. We feel pain when we see the same products and photo shooted the same way. Woodie Pie had put in a lot of efforts (we invest in machines, equipments and proper tools on handmade jewelries as we are serious on what we are working on and trying our best to improve in this business).

We will continue to move forward with more eyes and work towards to making it better, getting the quality improve and increasing the service after sales.

Below are the photos we have extracted for the comparisons.