Breastfeeding Contest 2019 - Winner (Norhafizah Omar)

Breastfeeding Contest 2019 - Winner (Norhafizah Omar)

Support breastfeeding - 9months and counting ❤️

Breastfeeding journey was never been easy for any moms especially new mom like me. I was struggling since day 1 i was delivered my baby girl as i dont know how this process would be.

I have problem latching with my baby girl since it’s jusy few seconds after giving birth and it making my baby crying out loud. Luckily during that time there was a breastfeeding consultant taught me how to latch and breastfeeding my baby. I really thank her cause it really helps me until now.

I never knew i need a breastpump cause I’m a stay-at-home housewife for from my point of view i dont need breastpump cause I’m always with my baby so i can direct feeds her but that’s very wrong until my baby admitted in the hospital for prolonged jaundice.

My breast engorged even tough i did Marmet but cause my baby i not around to direct feeds and it difficult to Marmet also. I borrowed sister in laws breastpump meanwhile I bought one for myself. Using breastpump really really helps a lot to emptied my breast making way for new molk production and relieved the engorged.

After my confinement phase i faced a milk drop since I’m taking my baby alone at home i did took really care about myself. I didn’t ate healthy and sometimes only eat once a day, not enough rest and dehydrated. I did power pumping but not enough. My baby always crying because of not enough milk and sometimes it makes me want to put pillows on her face cause I can’t take it anymore and thinkinh to gives up breastfeeding and starts formula milk. But my husband always keep me positive always by my side always encouraged me to be patience. He takes care of me makes sure that i have enough rest, food, hydrated and keep making me smile and happy. About a week later my milk become over supply until my breast engorged and i need to pump every time after each feeds😆

From that experienced I always make sure that i get enough rest, drinking a lot of water, eat healthy, pump when necessary and dont stress up. Thankfully i still getting hang of it until now my baby already 8months old and I exclusively breastfeeding her🤱🏻 Breastfeeding is not an easy journey, it’s an adventurous journey🥰

I shared some of my tips for new breastfeeding moms:-
🤱🏻Eat healthy and hydrated
🤱🏻 Get enough rest
🤱🏻Don’t stress up
🤱🏻Always bebas happy as possible
🤱🏻Make pumping schedules if you are working
🤱🏻Feeds on demand and better direct feeds is the baby is around. Pump after each feeds if needed
🤱🏻Join supporting breastfeeding group
🤱🏻Buy breastpump either manual or electric pump
🤱🏻Take milk booster if needed

Well there are some tips that i hope useful for new breastfeeding moms🥰 Always remember breastfeeding is not a choice, it’s a responsibility 💕