Use and Handling of Woodie Pie Handmade Soaps

All of our handmade soaps are handmade in small batches. Especially our soap for fun, it's uniqueness creates design, texture and color variations that are part of our soap's hand-crafted character and appeal. Our soap is perfect with it's imperfections.

Due to the freshy-fresh nature of our soaps, do really use them as soon as you get home for the ultimate bathing experience. Moisturize and feed your skin and enjoy the rich and creamy lather. Our soap is far more than just a pretty bar.

For storage, please keep in a cool dark place. This will ensure that the essential oils stay in the soap instead of evaporating over time and the reduce the soap "sweat" (Soap 'sweating' will make the bar has tiny uneven surface but don't worry, if it 'sweat' a lot means it contain a lot of moisture agent in it). Use our soap net to extend the life of your soap.

Just don't eat them, though it is very tempting. Happy Soaping!