Celebrate the Love: How to Get Your Breast Milk Keepsake

Creating a beautiful and unique breast milk keepsake is easier than ever with Omni Keepsake. Here's how to turn your precious breast milk into a lasting treasure:

1. Find Your Perfect Piece:

Browse our collection to discover a design that reflects your personal style and the special bond you share with your baby. 

2. Order & Send Your Breast Milk:

Once you've chosen your piece, simply place your order.

Klang Valley (Free drop off): Click Here

Out of Klang Valley/Post your breast milk: Click Here

Out of Malaysia? Text Us

3. Receive Your Keepsake:

Sit back and relax! Within 4-8 weeks, your one-of-a-kind breast milk jewelry will arrive at your doorstep. It's a beautiful reminder of your breastfeeding journey and the love you share with your child.

Ready to get started? Choose your design today!

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